Aluminium conductors

  • Voltage:HV
  • Core:single or multi
  • Size: usual
  • Conductor: Aluminum
  • Insulation: none
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Aluminium conductors
Products Rated voltage Conductor cross-section(mm²)  Abbreviation
ACSR 500kV 1.94~8.04 A - Aluminium
C - Conductor
S - Steel
R - Reinforced
AACSR   59.7~288 A - Aluminium
A - alloy
c - conductors
s - steel
r - reinforced
AOHL 66kV 16~70 A - Aluminium
O - Over
H - Head
L - Line
AAAC   22~570 A - All
A - Aluminium
A - alloy
C - conductors
ASCR     A - aluminium
S - zinc coated steel
C - Conductor
R - Reinforced


The conductors form the basic part of an overhead line because they have to carry the electrical current. The lightness and the good conductivity of the aluminium imposed this metal as the basic material.The physical and human geography promoted either of the main options : the homogeneous or the bi-metallic. Then the utility generally confirmed, by care of homogeneity, the initial choice during the expansions of its networks.

The conductors for the bare overhead lines of the distribution and transport networks are classified in six main families :

the homogeneous conductors in pure aluminium (AAC)

the bi-metallic conductors in aluminium and zinc coated steel (ACSR)

the bi-metallic conductors in aluminium and aluminium-clad steel (ACSR/AW)

the homogeneous conductors in aluminium alloy (AAAC)

the bi-metallic conductors in aluminium alloy and zinc coated steel (AACSR)

the bi-metallic conductors in aluminium alloy and aluminium-clad steel (AACSR/AW)

the bi-metallic conductor in aluminium and aluminium alloy (ACAR)

The use of special converted corrosion-free alloys are ideal for severe conditions (can be used for whatever conductor construction).

Aluminum conductors steel reinforced (ACSR) offer high strength and allow high voltages in large span runs. Corrosion-free all aluminum alloy conductors (AAAC) are ideal for severe conditions.

New technologies such as AERO-Z? allow for an equal diameter, a greater useful cross-sectional area, and therefore an increased transport capacity; or for a smaller diameter, almost the same transport capacity.

Huadong bare overhead conductors offer:

Low corrosion for special converted alloys

Various alloys adapted to each country's norms

High transmission capacity for dense grids

Various sizes according to customers' needs

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